About us

About us

Grupo E.M.B., Inc was formed in 1999 by Eric Barahona Sr. with a vision to provide quality products to hospitals and clinics in Latin America. We are family owned and operated with over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. Our focus is in medical supplies industry for Latin America. With our market leading partners and services we strive to improve the quality of medical care in Latin America.


Grupo E.M.B., Inc professionally bridges the gap for companies to successfully do international business in Latin America. We manage and control relationships in each country for our partners, while supporting our customers in each market through the full sales cycle.


To be a bridge between our partners and our clients across all the america's building strong business bonds in every market we work.

Where we do business

Aruba, Belize, Bermuda, bolivia, Curaçao, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, St. Maarten



Kit de Intravenosa Sin Guante

Kit intravenoso sin guante, incluye chloraprep, gaza, torniquete, tegaderm. Trinity Sterile.

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Mascarillas de 3 Capas

Mascarillas de 3 capas quirúrgicas y de un solo uso, de nuestra marca propia MSP, con el mejor estándar de calidad y certificación FDA.

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Espirómetros - Terapia Respiratoria

Espirómetros de diversos tamaños y para adultos o niños de Vyaire.

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Agujas Para Biopsia Achieve

Agujas para biopsia con sistema automático, de diversos tamaños, Achieve de Merit Medical.

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Agujas para Biopsia Achieve Coaxial

Agujas para biopsia Achieve con sistema automático y extensión coaxial de Merit Medical.

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Agujas para Biopsia Temno

Mango para Biopsia Temno Evolution, tamaños diversos, de Merit Medical.

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 Grupo E.M.M, Inc
8460 N.W. 72nd Street Miami, FL 33166

 +786 397-7261